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Future foals 2023


September 1st, 2022

Our foal generation 2023


13 mares at Future Dressage are expecting in 2023.

For the first time in the stud’s history, the foals are also completely homemade – i.e. that daily manager in the breeding department Mette Bonefeld Thomasen has been responsible for the insemination of all the mares.

The combinations of stallions and mares are given a lot of consideration every year, and this year is no exception. It’s about finding the right bloodlines that can hopefully give the foals the mind and rideability we want to breed. For example, there is a reason why not just one, but two mares are expecting a Jameson RS2 offspring.

“Jameson seems to have a good mind, and for us it is important that we do not make ticking bombs – but that we breed horses that have good heads while also having the right temperament. I look a lot at the rideability and temperament of our mare when I choose the stallion, because we want to make some good riding horses,” Mette says. In 2022, there has been a single foal after Jameson, named Jackaro, who has many good features.

Several of the other selected stallions also return from previous years – including So Perfect, Glamourdale, Total McLaren, Vitalis and Revolution. Among other things, there are two full siblings via embryo transfer, whose sire is Total McLaren and whose mother is Unna, who is currently being trained in Future Dressage’s sports department, where she is ridden by Josefine Hoffmann. The two have just qualified for the intermediate round of the young horse championship for five-year-old horses.

In addition, the mare Feline (Freestyle x Weltjunge) is expecting an offspring by the Dutch stallion Glamourdale, who is newly crowned world champion in Grand Prix Special and Grand Prix Kür under his rider, British Charlotte Fry.

Danciero, who came to Future Dressage in the spring of 2022 and is ridden by Anna Kasprzak, who has just qualified directly for the young horse championship for six-year-old horses, will sire an offspring in 2023 that will have Fidertranz as dam sire.

The entire list of upcoming foals in 2023 can be found here:

Foals 2023

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