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Falcon sold to Norwegian Grand Prix rider

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February 22nd, 2021

Falcon sold to Norwegian Grand Prix rider

Siril Helljesen, who has represented Norway at the Olympic Games in London in 2012, is Falcon’s new rider.

Falcon (Franklin x Lord of Loxley) was sold to Helgstrand Dressage in October 2020 together with four other horses. He was born in 2015 as a part of the first generation of homebred Kasprzak Dressage horses.

Together with Josefine Hoffmann Falcon had made great results, before leaving Kasprzak Dressage, and now Siril Helljesen takes over the reins of the six-year-old gelding.

“I am fortunate to have had a good collaboration with Helgstrand Dressage, and now I own 50 percent of Falcon. I love his natural agility combined with three steady gaits. He has a natural uphill tendency, and I like horses with that type of energy, and at the same time it seems as if he has a really great mind,” Siril Helljesen says about Falcon. The two have only known each other for a short while, but the training is already well underway, and according to Siril Helljesen, she will be competing with Falcon already this year.

“I have only ridden him for 10 days, so we have to get to know each other, but he is well educated, and we are slowly developing changes and the collection in the trot. He really wants to move forward and wants to work. He is only six years old, so the goal for this year is to get him ready for the six-year classes and get further development of piaffe and passage. He shows talent for several exercises, and I absolutely believe he can become a great Grand Prix horse,” Siril Helljesen says about her ambitions with Falcon.

The breeder Anna Kasprzak is also very pleased that Falcon has come to a rider who can exploit his great potential.

Siril is a super skilled rider, and I was really happy to hear that she will be in charge of the further education of Falcon. He has already shown great talent, but required a smaller rider, and they seem to fit really well together. I am very excited about their journey and I hope we will see each other at competitions, so I can follow Falcon in the future,” Anna says.

Falcon as a foal in 2015.

Siril Helljesen and Falcon in 2021. Photo: Siril Helljesen


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