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Two new horses have moved in

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December 10th, 2020

Two new horses have moved in

This week Kasprzak Dressage purchased two new horses.

We welcomed two new members in the Kasprzak Dressage Family: RGS Finest Alegra, a five year old mare, and Everian L, a five year old gelding. Both are sold from JE Horses.

Anna contacted JE Horses to see another horse at first- a horse her former coach had told her about.

“My former coach Ulrik Clemmensen calls me once in a while if he sees a horse, I might like, and this time he told me to take a closer look at a horse from JE Horses. So we made an appointment, and I asked them before arrival to show us some more horses, if they had any more for sale. And then we ended up falling for two of the additional horses, they showed us,” Anna says.

“Both were really interesting and had a lot of personality, so we asked to see them at our stud to find out how they would react to a new place. They arrived on Monday where Josefine rode them.”

After showing off in Haderslev Anna was still very impressed, and made a quick call to the vet, who luckily had time to make a vet check, and when both horses had passed the test, the deal was completed and the move-in was permanent.

“Josefine is taking care of their training until I am up and running after my pregnancy, and then we will see how far they have come. Especially the gelding could be interesting for me to educate. The mare might be too small for me, but we will see the proportions when I can get on a youngster again! But both are of high quality and it is clear that a lot of work has been put into them. We might try starting them in competition next year, if all goes well,” Anna says.

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