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Tiara and Falcon got great results

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September 14th, 2020

Tiara and Falcon got great results

The home-bred youngsters both got very good points at the Danish championships.

Two of Kasprzak Dressage’s own breeding projects, Falcon (born in 2015) and Tiara (born in 2016) made some really good points with Josefine Hoffmann at PAVO & DRF’s Danish Young Horse Championship.

Both horses competed at Vilhelmsborg near Aarhus a few weeks ago. Falcon, the five year old gelding by Franklin with Lord of Loxley as damsire, qualified to the next round by scoring 8.06. The qualification limit is 7.80 points.

Tiara, a four year old mare by Grand Galaxy Win with Blue Hors Romanov as damsire, was very close to following Falcon by scoring 7.74 points. But with a score under 7.80 Tiara had to enter the ring again this weekend in Aalborg, and then she made a surprise. Scoring 9.5 in rideability and overall making a great performance, Tiara ended in second place with 85.60 points and made it directly to the finals. And the breeder, Anna, was both excited and very surprised.

“It’s funny, because Tiara was such a lazy horse when we were breaking her in, and back then I was close to thinking that we would never be able to make a dressage horse out of her. But all of a sudden she made a U-turn and now she is almost unstoppable,” Anna says.

This weekend Falcon and Josefine will compete in Grindsted and try to reach the finals at Blue Hors in three weeks, and even though Falcon is doing great, the competition is tough.

“It’s not easy winning amongst all the great five-year-olds out there, but so far Falcon has been doing good and I think he has a lot to offer us. He is still a teenager, but it is clear to see his talent and willingness to work. He just needs time, and fortunately competing suits him well. We have seen a lot of improvement from him over the past six months already,” Anna says.

Falcon is from the first generation of home-bred horses by Kasprzak Dressage.


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