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The stud expands with breeding stables

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April 17th, 2020

The stud expands with breeding stables

This summer we are adding new stables and focusing more on breeding.

The new breeding department will locate just across the road from Kasprzak Dressage at Stokkerhovedgård, where the old farm is under construction and being renovated for mares and foals to move in in late summer.

40 year old Mette Bonefeld Thomas will be in charge of the daily operation at Stokkerhovedgård. She was hired by Kasprzak Dressage for a part time job in April 2019, and as soon as Stokkerhovedgård can open, she will work there full time. Her duties include coordination with the vet, ordering and picking up semen, getting the mares ready for insemination and taking care of them and their foals. All breeding mares, foals and youngster are being stabled at Stokkerhovedgård.

“I have to make sure that the mares are thriving from insemination to the foal’s arrival and until the youngsters are ready to continue their education as riding horses,” Mette says.

Using her own words, she is “born on horseback”, has been riding since she was a child and started teaching dressage at the age of 14. Since then Mette has been working as a rider several places, and she is now looking forward to working exclusively with the youngsters.

“I love to see how youngsters develope and to teach them how to be riding horses,” Mette says.

Anna is also very happy with having Mette in charge of breeding. The two have already been working together for a while.

“I already know that Mette is good at matching the mares with the right stallions and I know a lot about how the mares are as riding horses. It is great teamwork,” Anna says.

Joining Mette at Stokkerhovedgård is Stine Dam Andersen who works as a groom at Kasprzak Dressage. Stine will work from Stokkerhovedgård when it is time to break in the youngsters. Stine and Mette have known each other for many years since Stine started riding as a child, and Anna is very confident in letting the two taking charge of breaking in her horses.

“They are both excellent with youngsters and I know for a fact that they trust each other completely, which is really important since Stine will be the first to get up on the horses. They have a solid companionship and I trust both of them that they will do their best,” Anna says.

At Stokkerhovedgård there will be room for 11 mares in foal and four large loose housing areas for youngsters. Right now Kasprzak Dressage has six breeding mares and will also do embryo transfers. All breeding mares and surrogate mares will stay at Stokkerhovedgård. The place will also include an indoor riding arena and an insemination area, which pleases Mette.

“I am really looking forward to the daily work and I dream about breeding the perfect Grand Prix horse for Anna. Imagine how that would be,” Mette says enthusiastically.

And Anna is just as excited for the future at Stokkerhovedgård.

“Until now riding and breeding have been managed under the same roof, but with the breeding department moving to another place all of my employees will get full focus on their area regardless if it is riding or breeding,” Anna says. She has high expectations for Stokkerhovedgård.

“I am following the construction site almost daily and can not wait for it to be done and we can move in. And I know I don’t have to interfere because Mette and Stine will do their job in the same way that I would. I am just really excited to watch the foals grow and continuing the work with the horses, when they are old enough to leave Stokkerhovedgård.”

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